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Lithuania’s Debate on Free Expression, LGBTIQ Rights, and the Constitution

Lithuania finds itself at a legal crossroads as the Ministry of Justice contemplates seeking recourse from the Constitutional Court regarding a law prohibiting minors from disseminating information that “disparages family

The Majestic Return of Tall Ships Races to Klaipėda

Get ready to set sail into a grand maritime spectacle as the renowned “The Tall Ships Races” return to Klaipėda after a six-year hiatus. Scheduled for June 27th to 30th

Vilnius Commemorates 105th Anniversary of Lithuanian Military

Vilnius is gearing up for an impressive parade commemorating the 105th anniversary of the Lithuanian Armed Forces. The event, featuring over 1400 soldiers and a display of more than 100

Teltonika’s CEO, Arvydas Paukštys, Honored with Gold Medal for State Strengthening Efforts

Teltonika’s President, Arvydas Paukštys, Honored with Jono Karolio Chodkevičiaus Gold Medal for State Strengthening Efforts at Vilnius Picture Gallery. In a significant recognition event at the Vilnius Picture Gallery, Arvydas

Lithuanian Parliament has Reviewed Budget for 2024

Lithuania’s Parliament, Seimas, wrapped up its initial review of the 2024 state budget, sparking a heated debate between the ruling party and the opposition. The ruling party champions the budget

Vilnius Airport might Rename to Airport of M. K. Čiurlionis

Lithuania is preparing to honor the 150th birthday of the acclaimed artist and composer Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis with a series of events planned for 2025. Among the discussions is the

Culinary Delight of Lithuania: Cepelinai

Cepelinai, often referred to as “zeppelins,” are a culinary delight deeply entrenched in Lithuanian culture. These potato-based dumplings are a cherished national dish, renowned for their unique shape and flavorful

Lithuania: A Vibrant Haven for Expats (Now Crossing the 200,000 Mark)

Lithuania, a land brimming with historical allure and a burgeoning cosmopolitan vibe, has hit a remarkable milestone – crossing the 200,000 mark in its foreign resident count. For expatriates seeking

What it’s like Working in Lithuania as Expat?

Lithuania’s growing number of international companies is attracting a diverse pool of foreign professionals. Arriving from larger nations, these individuals are intrigued by Lithuania’s nature, unique cuisine, and the convenience

Around 100 People Protests in front of Vilnius Parlament to Protect Forests from Logging

In Vilnius, around 100 people protested near the Seimas against the logging of protected forests. They carried signs with messages like “Stop the Genocide of Lithuanian Forests!” and voiced concerns

Average Salary of Employees in Lithuanian Startups Reached 3,800 EUR during 2023

In the bustling landscape of Lithuanian startups, the third quarter saw an impressive tax contribution of 92 million euros, marking a 15% increase from the previous year. However, this figure

Nov, 23 day – Lithuania Marks 105th Anniversary with Armed Forces Parade

On November 23rd, Lithuania commemorates the 105th anniversary of re-establishing its armed forces in 1918, shortly before engaging in battles for independence. A celebratory parade on November 25th in Vilnius

Experts Evaluate Lithuanian Science and Study Institutions

Lithuanian education representatives have summarized the evaluations of international experts, highlighting not only programs with high expectations but also those with less apparent potential. This summary follows the assessment conducted

Discusses Increased Military Support for Ukraine

Lithuanian Deputy Defense Minister, Žilvinas Tomkus, participated in an EU Foreign Affairs Council meeting focusing on defense issues, particularly increased military support for Ukraine. The EU aims to provide Ukraine

Halfway House to Open in Plungė for Inmate Reintegration

The Lithuanian Prison Department aims to establish a halfway house in Plungė, contributing to the broader strategy of distributing such facilities across Lithuania for individuals completing their sentences. The facility,