Lithuania Social and Labour priorities for 2020-2022

New year 2020 has come and the new strategic plan has started. It’s called “2020-2022 Strategic plan” by the Ministry of Social Security and Labor of the Republic of Lithuania. Full strategic plan you can read here (only in Lithuanian).

In this article we’ll review the insights of what’s Lithuania Social and Labour priorities are from most important to least in descending order.

Increase of social benefits

There is a huge inequity in between income levels. In Lithuania 100.000 people are still getting the minimum salary legally allowed. Read more in this study.

The government wants to regulate the income more efficiently. To do that they will restructure the system and increase the payoffs to people with low income, people with disabilities and retired ones.

Support families

Lithuania wants to offer higher financial support to families that are growing kids under 18 years old. Government will offer financial support to families as well as support to public institutions when reconstructing facilities.

Programmes for people with disabilities

Lithuania wants to include people with disabilities into social life and labour markets. This is probably the most needed improvement as the public support for people with disabilities is almost inexistent. There are some companies that are being paid by government to employ people with disabilities, but the flexibility as well as amount of these companies is not meeting the demand.

Increase social responsability

Government wants to invest in creating a stronger community of Lithuania citizens. Also, they want to include companies from private sector to participate more in the politics and satisfy better their needs.