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Whether you’re a local resident aiming to advance your career or an international job seeker considering Lithuania as your next professional destination, our articles are tailored to help you navigate the Lithuanian job market effectively. We cover a range of topics, including job search strategies, the latest job market trends, and guidance on work permits and visas for international applicants. With our expert advice and up-to-date information, you’ll be better equipped to pursue and secure the job opportunities that align with your career goals in Lithuania.

What it’s like Working in Lithuania as Expat?

Lithuania’s growing number of international companies is attracting a diverse pool of foreign professionals. Arriving from larger nations, these individuals are intrigued by Lithuania’s nature, unique cuisine, and the convenience

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What Is a Good Salary in Lithuania?

For the capital city, Vilnius, a salary of 1,000€ per month (after tax) is often considered insufficient to maintain a comfortable lifestyle. High rent prices are a significant contributing factor.

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Most needed professions in Lithuania in 2023

In a move to simplify the hiring process for foreign workers, Lithuania has released its list of in-demand professions for 2023, categorized by industry. This annual list eases foreign nationals’

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Best Paid Jobs in Lithuania (2023 edition)

In the pursuit of lucrative careers, it’s essential to recognize that experience and tangible results often outweigh formal education, especially when aiming for managerial roles. Within the realm of Information

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Guide to Obtaining a Work Visa in Lithuania

Who Needs a Work Visa in Lithuania? If you’re an EU/EEA citizen, you have the freedom to work in Lithuania without a visa, although you must register your stay after

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Job Search Websites in Lithuania (updated 2023)

Are you considering a career move to Lithuania or are you already here and on the hunt for new job opportunities? Lithuania offers a vibrant job market with a diverse

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Average Salary in Lithuania

Average salary in Lithuania According to estimations of Lithuanian economists (as per article in LRT) the average salary in 2022 is 1123 euros / month net which is 1780 euros/month gross. Salary

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Top 10 Best Paid professions in Lithuania

As in most of the other countries, the IT managers and programmers are between the top 10 best paid workers of 2019-2020. Most profible professions Study in Delfi (2018-2019) shows, that besides

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