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Threats of Explosions Targeted Kaunas City Hall and Three Schools

Kaunas City Hall and three schools in the area received threats of explosions on Monday. Despite the alarming messages, no evacuation was necessary, and law enforcement agencies confirmed that there

Lithuania is accelerating in the Electric Mobility Development

Lithuania is making remarkable progress in the field of electric mobility, with a constant rise in the number of electric vehicles (EVs) on its roads. Every month, an average of

Vilnius Pays Tribute to Israeli Victims with 1,400 Memorial Candles

On Friday evening in Vilnius’ Town Hall Square, 1,400 memorial candles were lit in remembrance of the victims of a terrorist attack in Israel. This heartfelt display of solidarity honors

Klaipėda Port upgraded to Welcome Giant Ships (up to 400 meters in length)

Klaipėda Port, located in the western part of Lithuania, has taken a significant step towards accommodating the largest vessels in the Baltic Sea. The recent dredging works have expanded the

In Vilnius 16 new speed radars will monitor more than speed

Expats in Lithuania’s capital, Vilnius, will now encounter a more vigilant traffic monitoring system. As of July 19th, 16 new multifunctional speed cameras have begun operating, ushering in a new

Vilnius Solidarity March: Expressing Support for Palestine

In Vilnius, more than a hundred individuals came together for a silent march, demonstrating their solidarity with the people of Palestine and their concerns over Israeli military actions in Gaza.

German Brigade to Boost Lithuania’s Security

Vilnius, October 20, 2023 – In a significant development for Lithuania, a major portion of the German brigade is set to be stationed in the country by 2026. This collaboration

Healthcare system in Lithuania (overview)

In Lithuania there is a mandatory health insurance. This means a government-imposed system that requires individuals or employers to contribute financially to a health insurance program. The primary goal of

How much rent costs in Lithuania in 2023?

Lithuania, a Baltic gem, offers an array of vibrant cities, with Vilnius, its capital, being the most prominent. For those considering relocating or temporarily residing in Lithuania, understanding apartment rental

Is it safe to live in Lithuania in 2023?

Lithuania’s geopolitical location and NATO membership offer security, but the border areas are really tense and crime rates are approximately average in Europe. Travellers should exercise caution, especially near the