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Average Salary in Lithuania

Average salary in Lithuania

According to estimations of Lithuanian economists (as per article in LRT) the average salary in 2022 is 1123 euros / month net which is 1780 euros/month gross.

Salary Growth

In 2019 the average salary in Lithuania was 1317 euro per month bruto and 833 euro per month net. It increased a lot in the first quarter of 2019. It jumped from 970 €/month in January to 1250 €/month in February. See chart above for reference (source: https://tradingeconomics.com/lithuania/wages).

However, since this increase was caused by a change in the taxation system, the net salary pretty much remained the same. This made that on average salary in Lithuania grew incredible 33% every year since 2017.

What is the minimum salary?

The minimum salary in Lithuania in 2022 is 471,1 euros / month net which is 607 euros / month gross. The growth since 2019 is around 9.5%.

In 2019 the minimum salary in Lithuania was as low as 555 euros per month bruto (395 euros per month net). This salary index is updated live at: Lithuanian Social Ministry website.

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