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Best Paid Jobs in Lithuania (2023 edition)

In the pursuit of lucrative careers, it’s essential to recognize that experience and tangible results often outweigh formal education, especially when aiming for managerial roles.

Within the realm of Information Technology (IT), opportunities abound. IT specialists, including developers, can unlock significant earning potential by harnessing their passion for the field and embracing self-directed learning.

Meanwhile, the field of medicine continues to hold relevance. It promises substantial financial rewards, but prospective individuals must weigh the extensive educational journey that accompanies it.

Top 30 best paid professions in Lithuania

Here’s a list of the top 30 highest-paying professions in Lithuania, based on the latest information from “Sodra.” Please note that these figures represent average monthly salaries before taxes.

PositionSalary/month (€)
1. Web and Multimedia Developers€5,775
2. Airline Pilots€4,774
3. IT and Telecom Managers€4,725
4. Finance and Insurance Managers€4,588
5. Education Managers€4,300
6. Software Developers€4,189
7. Medical Specialists€4,157
8. Research Managers€4,066
9. Childcare Managers€3,991
10. General Practitioners€3,864
11. Application Developers€3,858
12. Judges€3,850
13. Airplane Pilots€3,771
14. Ship Captains€3,620
15. Various Program Developers, Analysts€3,569
16. Policy and Planning Managers€3,545
17. Systems Analysts€3,478
18. Legislative Drafters€3,401
19. Healthcare Services Managers€3,331
20. Database Developers, Administrators€3,312
21. Ship Mechanics€3,204
22. Emergency Medical Specialists€3,153
23. System Administrators€3,138
24. Aviation Safety Electronics Specialists€3,073
25. Employment Agents€3,013
26. Oil Facility Operators€2,999
27. Advertising, Public Relations Managers€2,959
28. Lawyers€2,942
29. Electronics Engineers€2,935
30. Nursing, Social Services Managers€2,911

Analysis: Most In-Demand Fields

We’ve identified and described the highest-paying job sectors in Lithuania:

1. Managers

Leadership positions often require management experience, and formal education may not always be necessary.

2. IT Specialists

IT professionals in Lithuania can earn over €8,000 per month with personal interest, initiative, and continuous learning.

3. Medical Specialists

Always in demand, medical professionals receive impressive salaries but require extensive education, including 6 years of study and 3-6 years of residency.

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