Best websites to find a job in Lithuania in 2019

Finding job is a long and exhausting process, but the good news is that Lithuanian unemployment rate is only 6,4% (around average in EU).

To find the best fitting job quickly we recommend you to use multiple portals with job offers as the efficiency may vary depending on sector you’re in. You should also define your needs quite clearly, so you can establish a clear communication with your Lithuanian employer. Also, you should probably mention in your CV wether you need visa sponsorship. While this will lower your positive feedback rates, it will narrow the options to the ones that actually have the capacity to support your visa.

Without further due, sharing the list of best websites in Lithuania that have tons of job offers for professionals like you.

The biggest portal to find a job in Lithuania in 2019. It has a strong base of 40.000 facebook followers, over 2 million views every month and has English language! It currently counts around 4000 job offers, however, because of the number of applicants every month it’s the most attractive website for employers and future employees.

It’s a really cool website, kind of reminds LinkedIn and has only serious job offers. It contains around 4000 job offers and it’s one of the websites finding a job, especially for young people in sectors like IT or Engineering. Unfortunately the website is only in Lithuanian.

This portal is in Lithuanian and Russian (no English, unfortunately). They have over 3000 job offers. It has easy apply functionality.

Website is in Lithuanian, English, German, Russian, Latvian and Polish. It does not have a platform to apply for a job, but it scrapes job offers from other websites, so it’s quite easy to find a perfect fit and then get directed to the website that has the capacity to receive your job application. It usually contains around 13.000 job offers.


It’s not technically a Lithuanian website, but you can find a lot of offers there, mainly focused on English speakers as this platform is not that popular between Lithuanians.

Other websites

Few other websites that didn’t make it to our list due to not being that popular, but definitely worth a try!