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Top 10 Best Paid professions in Lithuania

As in most of the other countries, the IT managers and programmers are between the top 10 best paid workers of 2019-2020.

Most profible professions

Study in Delfi (2018-2019) shows, that besides IT specialists there is a huge demand and therefore huge salaries for other specialities such as Air traffic controllers, pilots, finance and insurance professionals, lawyers, traders and scientists.

Air traffic controllers3182 euro / month
Aircraft pilots3177 euro / month
Finance and Insurance…2862 euro / month
IT and communications managers2555 euro / month
Legislators2469 euro / month
Judges2394 euro / month
Software developers2087 euro / month
Systems analysts2037 euro / month
Securities and Finance2023 euro / month
Research & Development Scientists2011 euro / month

Salaries by most popular professions in Lithuania

Another Delfi study shows that these are the most popular professions in Lithuania, meaning where the most people are employed in and their salaries:

ProfessionAverage salaryPeople
Specialist doctors1741 euro / month11781
Finance executives1332 euro / month11233
Sales & Marketing Managers1240 euro / month18107
Policy and Administration Specialists997 euro / month21971
Nursing professionals940 euro / month22130
Marketing professionals938 euro / month42677
Managers925 euro / month47257
Teachers901 euro / month25655
Business services and administration885 euro / month25742
Welders848 euro / month8878
Organizational Analysts847 euro / month17315
Warehouse clerks814 euro / month11305
Accountants804 euro / month32233
Preschool teachers724 euro / month12828
Motor vehicle mechanics718 euro / month12640
Administratives and Secretaries703 euro / month12875
Accounting and bookkeeping clerks664 euro / month11013
Freight644 euro / month15516
Drivers of cars, taxis and vans627 euro / month16730
Builders582 euro / month13025
Unskilled manufacturing workers575 euro / month15310
Bakers and confectioners560 euro / month8639
Security staff551 euro / month13016
Heavy trucks and vehicle drivers534 euro / month73038
Tailors, hides and caps529 euro / month9616
Chefs525 euro / month17230
Shop Dealers501 euro / month63518
Other unskilled workers491 euro / month20918
Other personal service activities486 euro / month9622
Unskilled construction workers449 euro / month8616
Cleaners, housekeepers and aides395 euro / month41755
The waiters380 euro / month10630

Salaries by sector

As per 2015-2019 Lithuanian salaries study, the average salaries increased year over year, since 2015 to 2019, the most in IT (25%), food industry (13%), mechanical engineering (10%), construction and insurance (both 9%).

Lithuanian website mano alga is continuously making surveys about salaries by sector.

SectorBruto salaryOpinions
Top Management1648 €/month2143
Leasing1342 €/monthunknown
Management1338 €/month1945
Technology, Development1298 €/month77
Information Technology1292 €/month2557
Law & Legislation1099 €/month577
Pharmaceutical Industry1054 €/month316
Telecommunications1029 €/month276
Banking994 €/month783
Economy, Finance, Accountancy976 €/month2116
Mining, Metallurgy976 €/monthunknown
Marketing, Advertising, PR961 €/month1061
Construction & Real Estate960 €/month1162
Human Resources908 €/month375
Mechanical Engineering905 €/month599
Quality Management898 €/month164
Commerce888 €/month1253
Electrical & Power Engineering882 €/month869
Journalism, Printing Arts & Media881 €/month380
Transport, Haulage, Logistics880 €/month1470
Translating, interpreting864 €/monthunknown
Car Industry840 €/month408
Production828 €/month863
Insurance827 €/month528
Public Administration813 €/month353
Agriculture, Food Industry766 €/month273
Water, Forestry, Environment763 €/month151
Customer Support755 €/month340
Wood Processing Industry745 €/month232
Administration743 €/month1677
Chemical Industry726 €/month211
Security & Protection716 €/month264
Medicine & Social Care707 €/month827
Arts & Culture681 €/month318
Education, Science & Research674 €/month638
Service Industries670 €/month272
Tourism, Gastronomy669 €/month547
Textile, Leather, Apparel Industry655 €/month184
General labour526 €/month255

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