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Addressing the Issue of Underage Drug Use

A recent public opinion survey conducted in Lithuania revealed the following key statistics and trends regarding the issue of underage drug use:

Inspection Support: Approximately 37.8% of respondents believe that the most effective approach to addressing underage drug use is by granting police, schools, and institutions more rights and capabilities to inspect minors.

Combatting Drug Dealers: About 31% of respondents think that combatting drug dealers is the best strategy to tackle the problem of underage drug use.

Youth Engagement and Education: Approximately 28.2% of respondents see promoting youth engagement and improving education as the most effective measures to address this issue.

Minimal Change Needed: Only 0.9% of respondents feel that no changes are necessary in this regard.

No Opinion: Approximately 2.2% of respondents did not have a specific opinion on the matter.

These statistics highlight the public’s varying views on how to combat underage drug use, with a significant portion supporting inspection measures and others favoring educational and engagement strategies.

Moreover, the survey indicates that the older population (60-69 years) and those with lower incomes (less than 400 euros) or higher education levels tend to support inspection of minors more strongly. Conversely, young people (under 29 years), individuals with higher education, and students tend to lean more towards youth engagement and educational improvements as the solution.

These numbers underscore the diversity of perspectives within the population and the need for a comprehensive, balanced approach to address the complex issue of underage drug use in Lithuania.

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