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Flooding in Klaipėda District (Water Raised 20cm)

In the Klaipėda region, Mayor Bronius Markauskas has highlighted the most challenging situation in Priekulė due to flooding, sharing updates on his official Facebook account.

Overnight, the water level rose by nearly 20 centimeters, reaching 597 cm. Mayor Markauskas reported that water is now flowing over the bridge near Žalgirio Street, with concerns also arising on Minijos Street.

Having personally inspected the area on Saturday, the mayor explained that the water accumulates in the adjacent dry reservoir. He assured that the nearest house, approximately 100 meters away, is currently not at immediate risk due to its higher elevation.

Mayor Markauskas stated that both firefighters and energy representatives are on alert in the Klaipėda region. Efforts are being made to place sandbags to raise the dam slightly and control the situation. He emphasized that all services are in place and working diligently to minimize the impact of the natural disaster.

There is also positive news for Vėžaičiai, as water levels in Minija are decreasing, allowing for the reopening of the Žvelsėnai—Pikteikiai road section. The situation is improving on Pylos Street as well, where water levels are receding, although drivers are still advised to take alternative routes.

Mayor Markauskas reassured the public that the situation is under control, and all necessary measures are being taken to mitigate the potential damage caused by the forces of nature.

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