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Halfway House to Open in Plungė for Inmate Reintegration

The Lithuanian Prison Department aims to establish a halfway house in Plungė, contributing to the broader strategy of distributing such facilities across Lithuania for individuals completing their sentences.

The facility, acquired for 520,000 euros, is designed for up to 28 individuals. The decision is based on the statistical trend of individuals returning to live near their families after serving their sentences.

A meeting with the Plungė community is scheduled for November 16th to present the halfway house concept. Representatives from relevant authorities will participate, seeking community support.

Halfway houses facilitate the integration of individuals into society, preparing them for the job market. Strict rules and supervision ensure residents work or engage in education, following approved schedules for commuting between the facility and external commitments.

Residents failing to comply or posing a threat are immediately transferred back to more secure facilities. Sobriety is mandatory, and periodic checks are conducted. No penalties have been imposed on halfway house residents to date.

In Lithuania, there are approximately 5 thousand convicted and detained individuals in total.