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In Vilnius Opens a New Migration Information Center for Foreigners

In a move to better serve foreign nationals arriving in Lithuania, the International Organization for Migration (IOM Lithuania) unveiled a new Migration Information Center, “MICenter,” in Vilnius on Monday.

The center’s primary aim is to provide a wide range of services to foreigners who are coming to Lithuania. It will offer legal assistance, career guidance, psychological counseling, and various activities to help newcomers integrate into the local community. Eitvydas Bingelis, Head of IOM Lithuania, emphasized that MICenter aims to be a space where people can access information, services, and support for a smoother integration process in Lithuania.

During the center’s opening event, Monika Navickienė, the Minister of Social Security and Labor, noted that Europe is currently facing numerous challenges related to integration processes. She expressed hope that Lithuania could serve as a state with valuable experiences and practices in this regard.

The need for such a center has grown significantly, especially since the conflict in Ukraine began. According to Edita Urbanovič, the head of the Migration Information Center “Renkuosi Lietuvą,” the essence of this center is to provide information to all foreigners coming to Lithuania, regardless of their life circumstances.

MICenter will offer services like psychological counseling, career advice, and legal support. It will also facilitate mutual support groups, children’s activities, and even a senior citizens’ club.

The center plans to have up to ten employees, all dedicated to assisting migrants and refugees in Lithuania who are seeking a safe haven and looking to integrate into society. The services provided are tailored to address complex issues that foreign nationals may face when arriving in Lithuania.

In a historic milestone, Lithuania is now home to over 200,000 foreign residents, the first time in the country’s history. The total number of foreign nationals residing in Lithuania exceeds 203,000, with the majority being Ukrainians, according to statistics from the Migration Department.

MICenter is poised to play a crucial role in supporting and empowering these newcomers as they seek to build new lives in Lithuania, offering a wide array of resources to help them navigate the challenges of integration and find the support they need.

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