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Klaipėda Port upgraded to Welcome Giant Ships (up to 400 meters in length)

Klaipėda Port, located in the western part of Lithuania, has taken a significant step towards accommodating the largest vessels in the Baltic Sea. The recent dredging works have expanded the port’s capabilities, enabling it to receive massive ships with substantial cargo volumes. This project greatly enhances Klaipėda Port’s competitiveness in international maritime trade.

Klaipėda Port is now capable of accommodating ships up to 400 meters in length, 59 meters in width, and with a draft of 13.8 meters. This achievement positions Klaipėda as a vital hub for maritime trade and a welcoming destination for the largest vessels in the Baltic Sea.

Klaipėda, historically involved in maritime trade since the 13th century and located on the Amber Road, served as a crucial port with strong fortifications. However, in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, trade primarily flowed through other ports like Danzig, Königsberg, and Riga. It wasn’t until recent centuries that Klaipėda emerged as a major trading port. In the early 20th century, the port was placed under Lithuanian jurisdiction and dealt mainly with timber. Over the 20th century, it evolved to handle minerals, cellulose, and supported fishing and shipbuilding industries.

Find out more about port of Klaipėda: https://portofklaipeda.lt/

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