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Legal Battles Against “Vinted” Amidst Its Success

In Poland, Vinted faced a fine of €1.14 million from the Polish Competition and Consumer Protection Authority. However, through legal proceedings, the company managed to significantly reduce the penalty, though the case is still ongoing. The issues revolve around personal data collection and additional taxes on the platform.

Italy also imposed a €1.5 million fine on Vinted in November 2022 for misleading advertising practices, with the Italian Competition Authority claiming that Vinted did not transparently inform users about additional costs. Vinted paid this fine but appealed the decision.

Vinted has taken legal action, with disputes advancing to higher-level courts. In Poland, the fine related to personal data collection was upheld. Vinted expresses a commitment to collaborate with institutions protecting consumer rights.

In France, Vinted faces a tax dispute with the French Consumer Association “UFC-Que Choisir,” with a collective lawsuit alleging improper taxes applied to users.

Founded in Lithuania in 2019, Vinted quickly became a unicorn, with a valuation of over €1 billion. It operates in 19 countries across Europe and North America and remains committed to addressing legal and tax-related challenges while maintaining its prominent role in the second-hand fashion market.

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