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Threats of Explosions Targeted Kaunas City Hall and Three Schools

Kaunas City Hall and three schools in the area received threats of explosions on Monday. Despite the alarming messages, no evacuation was necessary, and law enforcement agencies confirmed that there were no explosive devices.

The police reported receiving four threat messages related to possible explosions at different locations, including Vilnius Taikos Gymnasium, Vilnius Lietuviu Namai-Gymnasium on Dzukų Street, Kaunas City Hall, and Papilė’s Simono Daukanto Gymnasium in Akmenė district. According to Ramūnas Matonis, a representative of the Police Department, all the mentioned institutions were thoroughly checked, and no explosives were found.

In response to the threat, one of the affected institutions, Taikos Gymnasium, decided to shift to remote learning on Tuesday. False reports about potential explosions had been flooding institutions for over a week, but by the end of the previous week, the number of such threats decreased significantly, with only a few institutions receiving them.

National Crisis Management Center, along with various officials and politicians, sees these threats, sent via electronic messages, as part of an organized cyber-informational attack aimed at intimidating the public and burdening the country’s institutions. Intelligence agencies have stated that this coordinated attack is believed to be initiated by hostile foreign entities.

The police have launched a pre-trial investigation into the false reports and are cooperating with other countries in their efforts to identify the perpetrators behind these threats.

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