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Best ski resorts in Lithuania

Lithuania is one of the flattest countries in Europe. The highest point over the sea level is only 295 meters and it’s not even on top of a mountain, because

Freelancing in Lithuania

Freelancing has emerged as a flexible and rewarding career path, attracting professionals worldwide. Lithuania, with its vibrant economy and a growing freelance community, offers numerous opportunities for freelancers seeking independence

Travel visa requirements to enter Lithuania

As a member of the European Union and the Schengen Agreement, Lithuania welcomes travellers for short stays. Here’s a concise overview of Lithuania’s visa requirements and application process. Schengen Visa

Is it safe to live in Lithuania in 2023?

Lithuania’s geopolitical location and NATO membership offer security, but the border areas are really tense and crime rates are approximately average in Europe. Travellers should exercise caution, especially near the

Average Salary in Lithuania

Average salary in Lithuania According to estimations of Lithuanian economists (as per article in LRT) the average salary in 2022 is 1123 euros / month net which is 1780 euros/month gross. Salary

Best Ideas For Small Business In Lithuania

Around 10.000 companies are now operating in Lithuania (as per Delfi). Most popular small businesses are in retail, wholesale as well as vehicles repair services. Easiest Businesses To Establish In Lithuania

Guide to visiting the Trakai castle

People love Trakai castle, not only because of it’s nature surroundings, but also for how lovely and romantic the environment at Trakai is. How to get to Trakai castle? Coming

Top 10 Best Paid professions in Lithuania

As in most of the other countries, the IT managers and programmers are between the top 10 best paid workers of 2019-2020. Most profible professions Study in Delfi (2018-2019) shows, that besides