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Best ski resorts in Lithuania

Lithuania is one of the flattest countries in Europe. The highest point over the sea level is only 295 meters and it’s not even on top of a mountain, because mountains in Lithuania doesn’t exist. However, in the biggest cities there already are some options for skiing enthusiasts, so let’s get to it and find out the best ski resorts in Lithuania!

Vilnius – Liepkalnis

It’s an outdoor ski resort located on a mountain called Liepkalnis. It’s around 10 minutes by car from the city center! The total of ski slopes is only 1.5 km (see more information about the slopes). This is quite low. In comparison with other European ski resorts where the average ski slopes can be 10 or even 30 km. However, Liepkalnis has the longest ski slopes in Lithuania. And doesn’t have the worst reviews.

Pricelist for adults1 hr.2 hrs.3 hrs.5 hrs.+1hrs
Monday – Friday10 €11 €13 €15 €5 €
Saturday – Sunday and holidays11 €13 €15 €17 €5 €

Their website has more information about the prices for kids, etc. And this is the ski-map of Liepkalnis:

Druskininkai – Snow Arena

It’s an indoor ski resort located in the city of Druskininkai. Which is around 1h and half from Vilnius and 1h, 40 minutes from Kaunas. The prices for adults are these:

Skiing ticket prices in Eur incl. VAT2 hours4 hoursFull day
Adults(18+)23,00 Eur26,00 Eur29,00 Eur
Pupils / Students*18,00 Eur21,00 Eur23,00 Eur
Children (from 3 to 7 years.)13,00 Eur16,00 Eur18,00 Eur
Family (2 adults and 2 children below the age of 18)67,00 Eur78,00 Eur86,00 Eur

Find here more information about prices.

The slopes total length is only 1.2km. Find here more detailed information about the slopes, but as it is inside, you can go to ski in winter as well as in summer. This is the ski resort plan:

Other ski resorts in Lithuania

The rest of the ski resorts have less than 1 km of slopes, so we won’t include them as a “the best ski resorts in Lithuania” list, but you can find them here: https://www.skiresort.info/ski-resorts/lithuania/. The total ski slopes in Lithuania sum 7.8 km.

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