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Lithuania abandoned cities that are worth visiting

Nevertheless, for many cities experiencing a decline in population, it is crucial not to forget and support the towns that have been abandoned the most. Let’s explore ten of Lithuania’s dwindling cities that are worth visiting!

City NamePopulation Decrease YoYWhy to VisitDistance from Vilnius
Tytuvėnai-35.11%Historic Church, Scenic LakesApprox. 140 km
Veisiejai-35.24%Picturesque Lakes, Cultural SitesApprox. 140 km
Naujoji Akmenė-35.32%Unique Cement Factory, Industrial HeritageApprox. 250 km
Vabalninkas-35.47%Historic Church, “Paris Street,” Cultural EventsApprox. 190 km
Obeliai-36.47%Architectural Charm, Cultural EventsApprox. 210 km
Simnas-37.02%Beautiful Lakes, Meteliai Regional ParkApprox. 110 km
Kybartai-37.07%Historical Significance, Architectural GemsApprox. 280 km
Kavarskas-37.82%Scenic Location, Cultural HeritageApprox. 130 km
Dusetos-41.90%Horse Racing Tradition, Sartų Regional ParkApprox. 160 km
Žagarė-42.65%Cherry Festival, Cultural EventsApprox. 130 km


Historic Tytuvėnai Church: Dating back to 1633, the Tytuvėnai Church is a must-visit for history enthusiasts. Its rich architecture and cultural significance make it a remarkable site.

Scenic Bridvaišis and Gilius Lakes: Nature lovers will appreciate the serene beauty of Bridvaišis and Gilius Lakes. These picturesque lakes offer opportunities for outdoor activities like hiking, boating, and picnicking.

Tytuvėnai Bernardine Monastery: Explore the Tytuvėnai Bernardine Monastery, adding a spiritual touch to your visit. The monastery’s architecture and peaceful surroundings provide a tranquil experience.


Picturesque Ančios and Veisiejai Lakes: Veisiejai boasts the stunning Ančios and Veisiejai Lakes, making it a great destination for water enthusiasts. You can indulge in swimming, fishing, or simply relaxing by the lakeside.

Veisiejai Regional Park: Nature enthusiasts will find Veisiejai Regional Park a haven. It offers diverse flora and fauna, hiking trails, and the chance to observe Lithuania’s natural beauty up close.

Cultural Sites: Veisiejai offers cultural enrichment with its local museum and annual festivals. Immerse yourself in the town’s heritage and enjoy the vibrant atmosphere during local celebrations.

Naujoji Akmenė

Unique Akmenės Cementas Factory: Explore the Akmenės Cementas factory, a distinctive industrial site. Witness the process of cement production and learn about its significance to the region.

Northernmost Industrial City: Naujoji Akmenė holds the distinction of being the northernmost industrial city in Lithuania. Its industrial heritage and the resilience of its people are fascinating aspects to explore.

Proximity to Latvia: Located just a stone’s throw away from the Latvian border, Naujoji Akmenė allows you to explore two Baltic countries in one trip, offering a unique cross-border experience.


Historic Church: Visit the Šv. Mergelės Marijos Ėmimo į Dangų Church, which dates back to 1817. This architectural gem showcases the town’s rich history and cultural heritage.

Paryžiaus Gatvė: Stroll along Paryžiaus Gatvė, a charming street reminiscent of Napoleon’s era. Enjoy its quaint ambiance and explore local shops and cafes.

Cultural Events and Festivals: Vabalninkas comes alive with cultural events and festivals, such as Žolinės aikštėje. Immerse yourself in the town’s traditions and festivities.


Architectural Charm: Obeliai boasts architectural charm with landmarks like Šv. Onos Church. These historical buildings provide insight into the town’s past and architectural heritage.

Rich Cultural Heritage: Delve into Obeliai’s rich cultural heritage and history by visiting local museums and historical sites. Learn about the town’s evolution over the years.

“Obelinė” Festival: Don’t miss the annual “Obelinė” festival, known for its enchanting fire sculptures. It’s a vibrant celebration that brings the community together.


Beautiful Lakes: Simnas offers the tranquility of Simnas and Giluičio Lakes. These serene bodies of water provide an ideal setting for relaxation and water-based activities.

“Dzūkų Jūra” (Dusia Lake): Discover “Dzūkų Jūra” (Dusia Lake), Lithuania’s third-largest lake, located near Simnas. Its scenic beauty and recreational opportunities make it a natural gem.

Metelių Regional Park: Immerse yourself in the breathtaking natural views of Metelių Regional Park, located in close proximity to Simnas. Explore hiking trails and connect with nature.


Historical Significance: Kybartai holds historical significance, as it was the place where President Antanas Smetona left Lithuania in 1940. Explore this intriguing aspect of its past.

Impressive Churches: Kybartai boasts impressive churches, including Šv. Aleksandro Neviškio cerkvė. These architectural wonders reflect the town’s devotion and heritage.

Guided Tours: Take guided tours of Kybartų geležinkelio stoties rūsiai (railway station ruins) to gain insight into the town’s industrial heritage and transportation history.


Charming Architecture: Kavarskas is known for its charming architecture, highlighted by the Šv. Jono Krikštytojo bažnyčia. Explore the town’s architectural gems and historic structures.

Kavarsko Tufų Šaltinis: Discover the Kavarsko tufų šaltinis, a unique natural heritage site. Witness the fascinating geological formations created by nature.

Near Anykščiai Regional Park: Located near Anykščiai Regional Park, Kavarskas provides easy access to the park’s natural wonders, hiking trails, and scenic landscapes.


Annual Sartų Lenktynės (Horse Racing): Experience the excitement of the annual Sartų Lenktynės, a unique horse racing event held on the frozen Sartų ežeras (lake). It’s a tradition dating back to 1795.

Dusia Lake and Sartų Regional Park: Enjoy outdoor activities at Dusia Lake and explore the scenic beauty of Sartų Regional Park. It’s a paradise for nature enthusiasts.

Cultural Sites: Dusetos offers cultural enrichment through sites like Švč. Trejybės bažnyčia and a local art gallery. Explore the town’s cultural heritage and artistic expressions.


Famous Žagarė Vyšnių Festivalis (Cherry Festival): Don’t miss the renowned Žagarė Vyšnių Festivalis, celebrating cherries and local traditions. It’s one of Lithuania’s largest music and culture festivals.

Unique Cultural Events: Despite a declining population, Žagarė hosts unique cultural events throughout the year. Immerse yourself in the town’s vibrant cultural scene.

Rich Cultural Heritage: Explore the town’s rich cultural heritage and historic sites, despite the population decline. Žagarė offers insights into Lithuania’s past and traditions.

These cities, despite their shrinking populations, offer a wealth of history, natural beauty, cultural events, and unique experiences for travelers looking to delve deeper into Lithuania’s diverse and less-explored destinations.

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