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Guide to visiting the Trakai castle

People love Trakai castle, not only because of it’s nature surroundings, but also for how lovely and romantic the environment at Trakai is.

How to get to Trakai castle?

Coming from Vilnius we very much recommend you get a train from the main railway station to Trakai. It takes only 33 minutes till the destination and then you can take a lovely walk of around 25 minutes till the castle itself. Find train schedule here.

What’s the price to go to Trakai castle?

The tickets vary depending on wether you’re an adult, student or group. The ticket includes visit from the inside of the castle that has rooms filled with historical value items, almost like a museum:

  1. Adult ticket to Trakai castle – 8 euro
  2. Student ticket – 4 euro (half price, not bad, huh?)
  3. Guided tours in Lithuania – 15 euro
  4. Guided tours in English (or Polish or Russian or German) – 18 euro

More information about the ticket prices in English at:

Getting to the island of the castle is completely free of charge, so feel free to do that if you don’t want to spend any money!

What can you do in Trakai?

As you’ll find out, going to Trakai is a full day trip fulfilled with experiences!

Go around and inside the Trakai castle!

You should absolutely walk around the castle and contemplate each and every corner of the castle. It’s really beautiful from all sides and there is a nice path taking you everywhere you want to go.

While outside is beautiful, to get to know the history, you’ll need to go through the gates where you’ll see an amazing view of the inner castle display.

Inside the castle you’ll find a very typical thing to find in a castle: old objects, descriptions of historical rooms and events held there, why it was built and so much more.

Rent a boat, water bicycle or a yacht

It’s super common to rent a water bicycle, a boat or a yacht to swim around Trakai castle. To rent a boat or water bicicle can cost you around 5 or 10 euro per hour while yacht can range anywhere between 35 to 50 euro per hour. As you can already see, this Trakai attaction is super afforadable!

Try “Kibinas”, a typical Trakai food

Resultado de imagen de kibinas

It’s a delicious pastry filled with meat or cottage cheese. It goes very well with Chicken soup that you can also get there pretty much at every corner. (read more about Kibinai). We recommend you the cafeteria / restaurant called Bona. They call themselves “pizzeria” however, they make really nice Kibinai and chicken soup with the best view to the castle. A meal there can cost you around 5 to 10 euro per person, however if you want to get it anywhere on the way, Kibinai will cost you around 3 euros per piece.

A closer look to Trakai castle

If you wanna know more about how Trakai castle feels like, leaving here an awesome video of drone flying around in the middle of the day:

If you wanna know more about how Trakai castle feels like, leaving here an awesome video of drone flying around in the middle of the day:

Didn’t get enough of it? Check out this drone flight in the early Lithuanian morning:

And this awesome couple travelling there from US:

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