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Lithuanians’ Strong Preference for President Nauseda: Survey Reveals Latest Favorability Ratings

The most recent survey indicates that Lithuanians continue to have a strong preference for President Gitanas Nauseda, with a favorability rating of 21.8%. This rating, while slightly lower than the

Quality of Life in Lithuania is Constantly Improving

The Central Project Management Agency (CPVA) has reported a positive trend in the quality of life in Lithuanian municipalities. Between 2013 and 2021, many areas experienced growth in material living

Lithuania’s Presidential Election Date Proposed for May 12, 2024

The Lithuanian Parliament, known as the Seimas, is set to consider a proposal to hold the Republic of Lithuania’s Presidential elections on May 12, 2024. The proposal was put forward

A Day Center Illuminating the Lives of Autistic Children

In the quiet town of Kalvarija, a remarkable woman named Jurgita Sinkevičiūtė had a vision. It was a vision born from the daily challenges she faced while raising a son

Lithuania Issues Protest Note to Belarus Over Provocative Statements

The Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs recently delivered a protest note to Belarus in response to a threatening statement made by a senior Belarusian official. The statement in question was

Legal Battles Against “Vinted” Amidst Its Success

In Poland, Vinted faced a fine of €1.14 million from the Polish Competition and Consumer Protection Authority. However, through legal proceedings, the company managed to significantly reduce the penalty, though

Addressing the Issue of Underage Drug Use

A recent public opinion survey conducted in Lithuania revealed the following key statistics and trends regarding the issue of underage drug use: Inspection Support: Approximately 37.8% of respondents believe that

Lithuanian President Visits Turkey to Have a Conversion with R.T. Erdogan

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Turkey, President Gitanas Nausėda congratulated President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the country, emphasizing the importance of Sweden’s NATO membership.

Lithuania Considers Defense Tax from 2025 for Security Financing

Laurynas Kasčiūnas, the Chairman of the Seimas National Security and Defense Committee (NSGK) in Lithuania, has proposed the introduction of a defense tax, slated for implementation in 2025. Both coalition

Overnight 509 New Confirmed Cases of Coronavirus in Lithuania

In the past 24 hours, on October 25, there were 509 new confirmed cases of coronavirus infection in Lithuania. Additionally, 149 individuals have experienced a recurrence of the illness. No

Lithuania’s Entry Restrictions for Russians and Belarusians Might Extend

Lithuania’s parliament, the Seimas, recently passed a law that imposes entry restrictions on Russian and Belarusian citizens. These restrictions, in place until May 3rd of the following year, include limitations

What Is a Good Salary in Lithuania?

For the capital city, Vilnius, a salary of 1,000€ per month (after tax) is often considered insufficient to maintain a comfortable lifestyle. High rent prices are a significant contributing factor.

Lithuania Sticks to 300,000 Signatures Rule for Referendums

The initiative aimed to change Article 9 and Article 147 of the Lithuanian Constitution, which govern the requirements for initiating referendums. It sought to state that a referendum can be

Lithuania’s Senior Citizens in a Heating Subsidy Dilemma

A heated debate has erupted in Lithuania over heating subsidies for senior citizens. The Ministry of Social Security and Labor has introduced changes in how these subsidies are granted, now

Lithuanian Navy Monitors the Sea After a Container Ship Damaged the Pipes and Ran to International Waters

In response to recent disruptions to a gas pipeline and telecom cable between Finland and Estonia in the Baltic Sea, the Lithuanian Navy has deployed a minesweeper to monitor the