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The Majestic Return of Tall Ships Races to Klaipėda

Get ready to set sail into a grand maritime spectacle as the renowned “The Tall Ships Races” return to Klaipėda after a six-year hiatus. Scheduled for June 27th to 30th next year, this iconic event promises a captivating fusion of seafaring prowess and cultural extravaganza.

In anticipation of this grand homecoming, Klaipėda recently showcased its preparedness at a conference held in France. The city is gearing up to welcome sailing ship crews amidst a vibrant backdrop of cultural programs, events, and enthralling concerts.

The excitement has been building for months, with intensive preparations by the public institution “Klaipėdos šventės.” This marks the fifth time that Klaipėda plays host to this prestigious event, underscoring its significance and the city’s thriving maritime heritage.

A pivotal moment leading up to this grand affair was the “Sail Training International” annual conference in Dunkirk, France. Here, the Klaipėda team diligently fostered connections with ship captains and operators, striving to attract a larger fleet of majestic sailing ships.

During these sessions, Klaipėda’s port took center stage as experiences and challenges from previous race hosts were exchanged, setting the tone for an event of unparalleled maritime splendor.

At its core, “Sail Training International” aims to empower young individuals, transcending boundaries of nationality, culture, and social status through the enriching tapestry of sailing culture. An astounding 50% of the race’s crews comprise 15-25-year-old sailing trainees, a testament to the event’s commitment to nurturing young talent.

For Klaipėda’s youth, the window is still open until November 29th. A meticulous selection process is underway to identify 50 passionate individuals aged 15-25, who will undergo rigorous training and eventually embark on an exhilarating five-day voyage from Klaipėda to Helsinki as part of an international crew. Generously funded by the Klaipėda city municipality, this promises to be an unforgettable experience.

Meanwhile, the call for volunteers echoes through the city’s streets. As the buzz intensifies, mark your calendars for December 8th, when the inaugural training sessions for both sailing enthusiasts and volunteers kick off. These sessions will serve as a gateway into the world of “The Tall Ships Races,” offering insights into the event and the rich tapestry of sailing culture that awaits.

Get ready to witness the return of an age-old maritime tradition, where the grandeur of tall ships meets the vibrant spirit of Klaipėda—a convergence of heritage and adventure that promises an unforgettable spectacle for all.