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What Is a Good Salary in Lithuania?

For the capital city, Vilnius, a salary of 1,000€ per month (after tax) is often considered insufficient to maintain a comfortable lifestyle. High rent prices are a significant contributing factor. A one-bedroom apartment can cost around 600€ or more, making it challenging to cover living expenses and save with a 1,000€ salary.

The minimum wage in Vilnius is around 730€ per month, emphasizing the relative low earning power of 1,000€. While this salary might be enough for living in a medium Lithuanian town or province, it’s not as feasible in a major urban center like Vilnius or Kaunas.

To achieve a more comfortable life in Vilnius, many suggest aiming for a monthly salary of at least 2,000€ or more. This higher income can help cover living costs while allowing for a better quality of life and savings.

The perception of a “good” salary in Lithuania can vary based on one’s background and expectations. Being a student and getting 1,000€ per month could be great, especially if only renting a room in a shared flat or a dorm for 200-300€ per month.

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