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Lithuania Braces for Rainy and Windy Weekend

This weekend, Lithuania is in for rainy and windy conditions. The Baltic Sea and the Curonian Lagoon will experience strong winds up to 28 m/s.

Southeast winds in the Baltic and Curonian Lagoon are expected to intensify to 28 m/s on the morning of the next day, a meteorological phenomenon. Residents are advised to take precautions for their safety and property.

Saturday night will bring rain with winds from the southeast and south at speeds of 9-14 m/s, gusting to 15-20 m/s in many areas. The lowest temperature will be 5-10°C.

Sunday may see brief light rain and fog in some areas. Winds will blow from the southeast at 5-10 m/s at night, increasing to 7-12 m/s during the day. Temperatures will range from 2-7°C at night to 8-12°C during the day.

Monday could bring rain in many areas with winds shifting from southeast to southwest and west at 5-10 m/s at night and 8-13 m/s during the day. Temperature range: 5-10°C at night and 8-12°C during the day.

Tuesday night, rain may affect some areas, with winds from the southwest at 8-13 m/s and gusts reaching 15-17 m/s. Temperature range: 5-10°C at night and 8-12°C during the day.

Wednesday may bring intermittent rain in some areas with winds from the southwest at 7-12 m/s. Temperature range: 3-8°C at night to 7-12°C during the day.