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Ten inspiring business-women in Lithuania

Lithuania, like many other countries, boasts impressive women entrepreneurs who prove that business knows no gender boundaries. In this article, we introduce you to ten remarkable Lithuanian women who stand out in their respective fields with their businesses and high professionalism.

Jurga Rimkė

Business: Intra Vertes

Industry: Regulation, labeling, supply, advertising, safety

Jurga Rimkė is the director and owner of Intra Vertes, specializing in the regulation of food and non-food supplements, chemicals, cosmetics, biocidal products, and medical devices. She also actively promotes women in business as the leader of the Lithuanian Business Women’s Network in the Vilnius region and serves as the Vice President of the Vilnius Chamber of Commerce, Industry, and Crafts.

Daiva Adutavičienė

Business: Veritas

Industry: Stonecraft

Daiva Adutavičienė is the Commercial Director of Veritas, a company specializing in stonecraft. She is an experienced leader with many years of experience and actively contributes to the Lithuanian Business Women’s Network and the Lithuanian Green Party.

Inga Skirmantienė

Business: Eko Sesės

Industry: Outdoor furniture, terrace accessories

Inga Skirmantienė is a co-owner and director of the family-owned business “Eko Sesės,” specializing in outdoor furniture and terrace accessories. Her small team pays special attention to each customer, setting an example of building strong customer relationships.

Ieva Redikaitė

Business: Baltic Recycling Group

Industry: Environmental consulting, audits

Ieva Redikaitė is the director of Baltic Recycling Group, with 8 years of experience in environmental consulting and audits. Her company provides various environmental services, including GPAIS administration and environmental audits.

Jurgita Blažienė

Business: PayRay Bank

Industry: Financial services

Jurgita Blažienė is a highly experienced financial expert and the CEO of PayRay Bank in Lithuania and Latvia. PayRay Bank is a specialized financial institution offering various financial services to businesses, including working capital loans, factoring, leasing, and deposits.

Vilma Daugėlienė

Business: Vitlio Licėjus and Vitlio Darželis

Industry: Early childhood and primary education

Vilma Daugėlienė is a leader dedicated to responding to the rapidly changing world, especially in the field of children’s education. She founded Vitlio Licėjus and Vitlio Darželis, offering private preschool, pre-primary, primary, and secondary education services in Vilnius.

Algonė Junokienė

Business: Baltic Saitas

Industry: Inbound tourism

Algonė Junokienė is the CEO of Baltic Saitas, a company specializing in inbound tourism to the Baltic States. Her company offers individuals from around the world the opportunity to visit the Baltic countries and explore several different cities during week-long tours or immerse themselves in the local history with private tours.

Elena Bartnikienė

Business: Saulėja Spa

Industry: Wellness and spa services

Elena Bartnikienė is the director of Saulėja Spa, located in the heart of Kaunas. Her spa center provides health, therapeutic, and beauty services. With 17 years of experience, Elena Bartnikienė has earned recognition, including the “Perfect Spa” title from SWIC (Spa and Wellness International) in 2019. She also actively promotes women in business by participating in businesswomen’s conferences and sharing her experiences.

Aistė Navikienė

Business: Aukštaitijos Implantologijos Klinika

Industry: Implantology and dental services

Aistė Navikienė is a highly qualified dentist specializing in periodontology. She founded her clinic, Aukštaitijos Implantologijos Klinika, which provides a wide range of implantology and dental services, including research. Aistė Navikienė is a prime example of goal-oriented leadership, and her clinic boasts 34 professionals.

Ramunė Naujikienė

Business: AutoNauja

Industry: Automotive services

Ramunė Naujikienė is the founder and CEO of AutoNauja, an automotive services company. Her business focuses on car repair, maintenance, and vehicle diagnostics. Ramunė Naujikienė’s dedication to quality and customer satisfaction has made AutoNauja a trusted name in the automotive industry.

These ten Lithuanian women entrepreneurs are outstanding examples of dedication, leadership, and entrepreneurship in their respective fields. They inspire others with their achievements and contribute significantly to the business landscape in Lithuania.

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