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Top 10 Lithuanian entrepreneurs (2022 edition)

In Lithuania, a wave of successful ventures and innovative projects has been sweeping across various industries. This article showcases the top 10 Lithuanian entrepreneurs who have not only achieved remarkable milestones but have also blazed a trail of innovation. Let’s dive into their profiles, complete with key numbers and links to their businesses:

1. Arnoldas Žvinys

  • Business: Estoty Vilnius
  • Achievements: Over 800 million worldwide app downloads
  • Instagram: @arnoldasarny

Arnoldas Žvinys, the CEO of “Estoty Vilnius,” a game development company, has achieved significant milestones in the global gaming industry. Founded in 2014, Estoty quickly became one of the leading mobile game studios worldwide. Their applications have amassed over 800 million downloads worldwide, thanks to a team of over 50 industry experts. Arnoldas Žvinys is also a member of the LitBAN business angels association.

2. Jonas Simanavičius

  • Business: Syntropy
  • Innovation: Pioneered a fully decentralized internet routing protocol
  • LinkedIn: @jonas-simanavicius

Jonas Simanavičius, the Chief Technology Officer responsible for innovative tools and libraries at “Syntropy,” is a pioneer in the development of a fully decentralized routing protocol for the internet. Syntropy’s protocol optimizes and encrypts data, transforming the public internet into a secure, user-friendly space for its protocol users. Simanavičius emphasizes investing in oneself as the path to financial independence and suggests diversification, avoiding borrowing money, and never investing more than one can afford to lose.

3. Rokas Bakstys

  • Business: Octomoves
  • Impact: Innovative training ropes for muscle relief and pain management
  • LinkedIn: @rokasbk

Rokas Bakstys, a certified movement coach and champion in windsurfing, embarked on a journey of personal growth and freedom. He left his job at a telecommunications company, founded “Octomoves,” and introduced innovative training ropes that help release tense muscles and joints while alleviating pain. Bakstys advises establishing a daily exercise routine and prioritizing health as the primary means of achieving financial stability.

4. Linas Čeikus

  • Business: Tinggly
  • Concept: Gift experiences instead of physical gifts
  • Website: tinggly.com

Linas Čeikus, along with his co-founders, created “Tinggly,” a platform that offers experiences as gifts. Tinggly is not your typical gift voucher company; it allows the recipient to choose from thousands of exciting experiences across more than a hundred countries, ensuring a personalized and memorable gift-giving experience.

5. Donatas Trasevskis

Donatas Trasevskis, a member of the Rotaract club and the founder of “12 Eat,” is tackling the issue of workplace dining. “12 Eat” is a self-service vending solution that can be installed in any office. The vending machine offers over 100 different products, including soups, dairy items, sandwiches, and more, providing employees with a convenient way to access food during their workday.

6. Andrius Bartminas

  • Business: SUPER HOW?
  • Expertise: Leading DARQ (Distributed Ledger Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Extended Reality, and Quantum Computing) research and development lab
  • LinkedIn: @andrius-bartminas

Andrius Bartminas, an expert in blockchain and artificial intelligence, co-founded “SUPER HOW?” in Lithuania, a leading lab specializing in DARQ (Distributed Ledger Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Extended Reality, and Quantum Computing) technologies. Their work has the potential to revolutionize identity protection, transaction execution, e-health, and beyond.

7. Klaudijus Ambrožas

Klaudijus Ambrožas is the successful founder of “Watalook,” a beauty services platform. Watalook streamlines appointment scheduling for professionals and helps customers find the services they need easily. Within its first year of operation, Watalook facilitated over 80,000 beauty procedures, and its user base continues to expand significantly.

8. Lukas Raščiauskas

  • Business: AeroClass
  • Vision: Remote aviation specialist training
  • LinkedIn: @lrasciauskas

Lukas Raščiauskas, with over a decade of experience in international IT product development, created “AeroClass,” a platform offering remote aviation specialist training. AeroClass aims to revolutionize aviation education by offering courses in various areas, including aviation law, management, auditing, and more, which were previously unexplored in this industry.

9. Dr. Juozas Vaicenavičius

  • Business: Sensmetry
  • Mission: Integrating innovative and secure automation systems
  • Personal Website: juozas.vaicenavicius.com

Dr. Juozas Vaicenavičius, a machine learning and mathematical statistics expert, is a co-founder of “SENSmetry,” a startup focused on integrating innovative and secure automation systems in today’s society. SENSmetry concentrates on technological challenges and builds safe and reliable automation systems for clients worldwide.

10. Edvardas Satkauskas

With more than 15 years of experience in innovative product development, Edvardas Satkauskas founded “Sentante.” This groundbreaking startup aims to revolutionize clinical operations with the world’s first fully robotic endovascular intervention system. Sentante enables remote surgeries, reducing response times in cases of heart attacks, strokes, and bleeding, ultimately changing the face of surgery.

These ten Lithuanian entrepreneurs have not only achieved remarkable success but have also paved the way for innovation in their respective fields. Their stories serve as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide. Explore their businesses and the impact they’ve made in their respective industries.

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