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Most needed professions in Lithuania in 2023

In a move to simplify the hiring process for foreign workers, Lithuania has released its list of in-demand professions for 2023, categorized by industry. This annual list eases foreign nationals’ entry into the Lithuanian job market, starting from January 1st of the following year.

Employers and industry associations had the opportunity to propose professions facing shortages. Stakeholders provided feedback on the draft list, with six additions approved for the upcoming year.

The new list features 175 professions, with 23 additions. The industrial sector leads with 20 in-demand professions, including welders and aviation-related roles. The service sector and agriculture, forestry, and fisheries each contributed two and one professions, respectively.

This year’s list eliminates 56 professions from the 2022 roster, such as fire-resistant bricklayers and metal grinders, while introducing 75 new professions for 2023. Foreign workers with these skills will find it easier to secure employment in Lithuania.

To ensure labor supply aligns with demand, the Lithuanian Labour Exchange sets annual quotas for professions by industry. When quotas are unfilled, employers can hire foreign workers in these professions through a simplified procedure. Once quotas are met, standard procedures apply.

This initiative enhances Lithuania’s attractiveness to skilled foreign workers, addressing skills gaps and boosting the economy. The list will be annually updated, ensuring Lithuania remains a competitive destination for global talent.

Professions in demand in Construction sector

NumberProfession code (ISC-08)Profession
1711102General Construction Worker
3711208Finisher Bricklayer
4711405Concrete Reinforcement Worker
5711407Concrete Worker
6711510Steel Fitter
7711511Steel Assembler
8711518Window and (or) Door Installer
9711906Prefabricated Building Structure Assembler
10711912Scaffold Builder
11711919Road Builder
12712203Floor Layer
13712207Tile Layer
14712212Tile Fixer
15712213Decorative Tile Layer
16712301Decorative Plasterer
18712307Drywall and Partition Installer-Decorator
20712402Boiler and Pipe Insulator
21712403Building Insulator
23712602Pipe Fitter
24712607Ventilation Pipe Fitter
25712611Pipe Layer
26712619Plumbing Systems and Equipment Assembler
28712623Process Piping and Equipment Assembler
29713105Metal Product Painter
30713302Building Interior Cleaner
32721210Contact Welder
33721212Electric Welder
34721213Gas Welder
35721214Gas and Electric Welder
36721215Manual Electric Welder
37721218Spot Welder
38721311Sheet Metal Worker
39721403Metal Structure Assembler
40721419Metal Structure Assembly Welder
42723351HVAC System Blacksmith
44741104Building Electrical Installation Electrician
45741308Underground Cable Layer
46742234Communication Cable Installer
47811301Drilling Equipment Operator
48811419Concrete Mixer Operator
49834108Heavy Equipment Operator
50834202Bulldozer Operator
51834204Excavator Operator
52834205Road Grader and Scraper Operator
53834320Tower Crane Operator

Professions in demand in Industry sector

NumberProfession code (ISC-08)Profession
55712402Boiler and Pipe Insulator
56712616Ship Pipefitter
57713106Ship Hull Painter
59721210Contact Welder
60721212Electric Welder
61721213Gas Welder
62721214Gas and Electric Welder
63721215Manual Electric Welder
64721218Spot Welder
65721403Metal Structure Assembler
66721407Structural Metal Fabricator
67721418Metal Ship Hull Assembler
68721419Structural Metal Assembly Blacksmith
70722322Automatic Line Setter
71722324Wide Profile Sheet Metal Worker
72722329Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machine Operator
73722333Milling Machine Operator
74722344Metalworking Machine Operator
75722396Automatic Machine Line Operator
76722406Metal Grinder
77722409Metal Polisher
78723201Aircraft Sheet Metal Assembler
79723202Aircraft Engine Blacksmith
80723203Aircraft Sheet Metal Assembly Blacksmith
81723204Aircraft Engine Mechanic
82723205Aircraft Engine Repairman
83723206Aircraft Mechanic
84723302Repair Blacksmith, Blacksmith Repairman
85723328Industrial Equipment Mechanic
86723331Company Equipment Technical Maintenance Division Mechanic
87723343Electrical Blacksmith
88723348Welding Blacksmith
89723351Ventilation and Air Conditioning System Blacksmith
90723361Equipment Assembly Blacksmith Repairman
91723383Electrical Equipment Repair Blacksmith
92731818Product, Semi-Product, and Material Sorter
95731834Thread and Yarn Spinner
96732223Printing Machine Operator
98741203Electrical Fitter
99741207Aircraft Electrician
100741233Network Electrician
101741241Postal Technical Maintenance Electrician
102742206Telecommunications Electronic Equipment Assembler
104751113Fish Cutter
105751114Fish Semifinished Products Preparer
106751116Sausage Maker
108751128Smokehouse Worker
109751139Meat Cutter
111751234Packer (Food Industry)
112751239Semifinished Food Products Preparer
113751319Dairy Product Maker
114751501Food Product Sorter
115752229Furniture Industry Worker
116752319Woodworking Machine Operator
117752324Woodworking Finish Machine Operator
118752325Furniture Manufacturing Machine Operator
119753113Garment Sewer
120753120Men’s Clothing Sewer
124753309Tarpaulin Sewer
125753312Sewer (Assembling Separate Parts into Wholeness)
126753402Furniture Upholsterer
128754303Quality Controller
129754309Product Sorter
130812222Drying Equipment Operator
131813155Pharmaceutical Product Manufacturing Machine Operator
132814203Plastic Product Molding Machine Operator
133814301Cardboard Product Manufacturing Machine Operator
134814308Paper Product Manufacturing Machine Operator
135815203Knitting Machine Setter
136815301Sewing Machine Operator
137815305Garment Sewing Machine Operator
138815410Textile Fiber Dyeing Machine Operator
139815703Laundry Ironing Machine Operator
140816006Fish Product Manufacturing Equipment Operator
141816010Meat Product Manufacturing Equipment Operator
142816080Food Product Manufacturing Technological Line Operator
143817113Cardboard Manufacturing Machine Operator
144817117Paper Manufacturing Equipment Operator
145817121Cardboard Product Maker
146817125Paper Sorter
147818134Glass Manufacturing Machine Operator
148818208Heat Treatment Operator
149818307Packaging Equipment Operator
150821117Vehicle Assembler
151821210Electronic Component Assembler
152834311Mobile Crane Operator
153834312Conveyor Operator
154834402Elevating Platform Operator
155413203Computer Scientist
157742206Telecommunications Electronic Equipment Assembler
158742234Telecommunications Cable Assembler
159815703Laundry Ironing Machine Operator
160831118Diesel Locomotive Engineer
161831120Electric Locomotive Engineer
162833101Bus Driver
163833102Trolleybus Driver
164833103International Passenger Transport Vehicle Driver
165833209International Freight Transport Vehicle Driver

Professions in demand in Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries sector

NumberProfession code (ISC-08)Profession
166611307Skilled Greenhouse Worker
167611308Mushroom Cultivator
168612123Skilled Farm Worker
169612124Farm Operator
170612133Milking Equipment Operator
171613001Skilled Mixed Farm Worker
172621003Logging Worker
173621005Skilled Forestry Worker

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