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Healthcare system in Lithuania (overview)

In Lithuania there is a mandatory health insurance. This means a government-imposed system that requires individuals or employers to contribute financially to a health insurance program. The primary goal of mandatory health insurance is to ensure that all citizens have access to essential healthcare services and to spread the financial burden of healthcare costs across a broader population.

Do expats seeking residence have to have health insurance?

In accordance with the requirements of the Law (ref.), foreign nationals arriving in or seeking residence in the Republic of Lithuania must ensure mandatory health insurance coverage. This coverage should guarantee the costs and expenses that may arise in connection with the foreign national’s return to a foreign state for health reasons, including transportation costs, including the accompaniment of a healthcare specialist(s), and it should remain valid for the entire period of the foreign national’s stay or residence in the Republic of Lithuania.

If you’re coming from EU, you’ll likely have the EU blue healthcare card. That’s exactly what Lithuanian government is after. If you’re not coming from EU, you have to have health insurance, otherwise the hospital bills can be substantial even for a simple visit.

Do expats living in Lithuania have to pay healthcare insurance?

Lithuania, like many European countries, has a healthcare system that is funded through mandatory health insurance contributions from its residents. If you are legally residing and working in Lithuania, you are typically required to pay health insurance contributions, which grant you access to the national healthcare system. Expats who are employed and have legal residency status are included in this system.

However, some categories of expats may be exempt from these contributions, such as diplomats, individuals covered by international agreements, or those who have private health insurance policies that meet certain criteria.