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Hosting German Brigade in Lithuania: Small Disagreeing on Cost Split

German Finance Minister Christian Lindner visited Lithuania to discuss investments for hosting a German brigade. While Germany will cover military expenses, Lithuania is responsible for non-military costs. Specific details about infrastructure and financing are still being negotiated, according to Lithuania’s Finance Minister, Gintarė Skaistė.

Lithuania’s plan is to have the majority of the German brigade stationed in the country by 2026, with Vilnius, Rūdininkai, and Rukla as potential locations. The deployment plan for the German brigade in Lithuania will be signed by December 22, as agreed by a joint working group from both countries.

Germany’s Defense Minister, Boris Pistorius, stressed the importance of infrastructure preparations, including schools and recreational areas, to accommodate both soldiers and their families, who are expected to rotate every three years.

Discussions about deploying the brigade in Lithuania began in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, with the goal of enhancing regional security. Currently, Lithuania hosts the forward presence element of the brigade. Since 2017, Germany has led a NATO international alliance battalion stationed in Lithuania.

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