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Lithuania Urges Citizens to Stay Away from Belarus Amit Arrests for Vague Reasons

The Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (URM) recently issued a warning concerning the detention of around 15 Lithuanian citizens in Belarus.

The ministry stated that they have information about several Lithuanian citizens who are either detained or serving sentences in Belarus. They also highlighted the fact that Belarusian authorities do not always promptly inform Lithuanian authorities about the detention of Lithuanian citizens.

Furthermore, the URM emphasized that Lithuanian citizens in Belarus, particularly those in the country governed by the regime of Alexander Lukashenko, may be detained, sometimes under unlawful circumstances. Notably, Latvia recently reported the detention of its own citizens in Belarus as well.

The URM urged Lithuanian citizens not to travel to Belarus and advised those already present in the country to leave immediately. This advisory is in response to the intensified hostile and provocative actions of Belarusian authorities against Lithuanian citizens, whether they are already in Belarus or temporarily visiting.

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