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Lithuanian AI Startup “Repsense” Secures €1 Million in Pre-Seed Funding

Vilnius-based AI startup Repsense recently raised nearly €1 million in pre-seed funding from existing investors. Iron Wolf Capital, Coinvest Capital, private angel investors, and Baltic Sandbox Ventures collectively contributed €800,000, following a successful €500,000 funding round in the previous year.

Repsense is focused on creating a global platform for public information analysis with its next-gen text analysis tool, the “Adler model.” This tool offers rapid and precise text analysis for various sectors, including business, public organizations, and state security.

Co-founder and CEO Mykolas Katkus is determined to make Repsense a global leader in information analysis. The company’s versatile technology is gaining traction in dual-purpose applications, such as business and defense sectors.

Investors like Viktorija Trimbel from Coinvest Capital recognize the potential of startups like Repsense, capable of serving multiple industries. Žygimantas Susnis, Partner at Iron Wolf Capital, appreciates the role Repsense plays in addressing communication market gaps using AI.

Repsense’s “Adler model” is instrumental in countering misinformation and propaganda, as co-founder Alfredas Chmieliauskas points out. The company also collaborates with Kantar to provide an integrated communication evaluation dashboard.

In summary, Repsense’s recent funding success and its innovative text analysis tool are paving the way for accurate and efficient information analysis across various sectors.

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